We prune back our vines intentionally in order to keep our yields down and to improve the quality of our grapes. Fermentation takes place in state-of-the-art truncated cone-shaped stainless steel tanks allowing for an extremely gentle breaking of the caps during maceration. These choices - made to guarantee the quality of our wines - result in an extremely high quality of primary material for our Grappa di Brunello.

When the grapes have fermented and have been pressed, the wine moves into wood and the marcs (the remaining mulch) are entrusted - on the same day that the two products are separated - to the expert care of Distilleria Nannoni, one of the most reputable Italian distilleries. Nannoni only works with fresh marcs and uses the discontinuous method of distillation to produce our Grappa di Brunello. Poggio Antico Grappa di Brunello is characterized by its smoothness and by its fruity bouquet.


Poggio Antico