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Our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is made exclusively with olives grown on the estate (60% Frantoio, 30% Leccino, and 10% Moraiolo) at 450-480 meters (1,476-1,500 feet) above sea level. The olive groves cover a total of four dedicated hectares (ten acres) of land.

The olives are picked by hand. The harvest occurs early in order to prevent the fully ripe olives from falling to the ground and being bruised in the process. Gathering the olives from the ground would allow for a more rapid harvest but would interfere with the quality of the final product. The pickers use a comb-like tool to sweep the olives off each branch. The olives are placed directly into a reed basket that each picker wears around his/her waist. Picking before the olives fully mature - generally mid or end of November - results in the production of less oil but what is obtained is of a much higher quality. This process ensures the deep green color and magnificent artichoke bouquet of the oil.

During the harvest the day’s pickings are taken to the press each evening, where the olives are immediately pressed. The Extra Virgin Olive Oil obtained is then filtered on the same day by gravity through natural cotton before being bottled. Dark green bottles protect the oil from light and help to preserve its fragrance and beautiful color.

Production is very limited - about 5,000 bottles per year. In a good harvest, 100 kg of olives (220 lbs) will only yield 13-15 kg (28-33 lbs) of Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Due to the limited availability, Poggio Antico's Olive Oil is mainly sold on the premises and reserved for our private customers. Small quantities are also sold nationally and internationally through distributors. It is available in 500 ml and 750 ml bottle formats.

In a recent book - "L'Olio di Oliva" by Rotraud Degner (Heyne, Germany) - Poggio Antico's Extra Virgin Olive Oil is listed as one of the top 115 oils selected from Italy, Spain, France, Greece and Portugal.


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